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All in One Acid Dyes

These dyes come complete with fixative for easy 30 minute dyeing. There are 15 vibrant colours and are ideal for wool, silk, fur, feathers and other animal source fabrics and fibres. They can be used in a pan, shallow tray or microwave.

Easy to use - 30 minutes to finish dyeing process. In 15 vibrant colours.
For wool, silk, fur, feathers and all other animal fibres.

Acid Dye Colour Swatches

Citron Yellow SwatchCitron
Flame SwatchFlame
Disco Pink SwatchDisco
Tyrian Purple SwatchTyrian
Turquoise SwatchTurquoise
Malachite SwatchMalachite
Marine Blue SwatchMarine
Just Grey SwatchJust
Sun Gold SwatchSun
Mahogany SwatchMahogany
Mail Red SwatchMail
Coral Pink SwatchCoral
Bordeaux SwatchBordeaux
Naval Blue SwatchNaval
Moss SwatchMoss

Please Note: These colours are an approximation of the results obtained by full strength Omega Dyes but to be sure we recommend sending for a fabric swatch shade card (50p per card).

All in One Acid Dye Pricing

Using Acid Dyes

These non toxic, easy to use dyes come complete with fixative included in 15 wonderful colours which can be inter-mixed to make many more colours. They are very versatile and can be used in many ways. Here are two...

  1. Add the dye crystals to dye bath of warm water, stir, add wetted fibre, stir again over heat and dye for 20-30 minutes for wool or 10-15 minutes for silk.
  2. Place pre-wetted fibre/fabric in a microwave roast bag, sprinkle in two or three colours of dye, tie up bag, place in plastic/glass dish kept specifically for dyeing, heat in microwave for 5-6 minutes, let cool.

Rinse out fibre and bag into dish. You can re-use this dye another time by re-heating. The bag is also dyed and can he used for machine embroidery, whatever!