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Dyrect Hot Water Dyes

Needing only heat and salt, these dyes can be used in a pan, microwave or washing machine. They come in 14 glorious colours and are suitable for all cellulose fabrics such as cotton, linen, viscose, rayon, raffia and paper. They will also colour well-washed wool, e.g. blanket, in the washing machine.

Simple to use in pan, microwave or washing machine. In 14 wonderful colours.
For cotton, linen, silk, viscose, rayon, raffia and other cellulose fibres.
Only requires the addition of salt to complete the dyeing process.

Hot Water Colour Swatches

Lemon SwatchLemon
Hot Marigold SwatchHot
Poppy SwatchPoppy
Rosy Pink SwatchRosy
Violet SwatchViolet
Peacock SwatchPeacock
Cornflower SwatchCornflower
Indigo SwatchIndigo
Pea Green SwatchPea
Terracotta SwatchTerracotta
Coffee SwatchCoffee
Black SwatchBlack
Pale Peach SwatchPale
Cranberry SwatchCranberry

Please Note: These colours are an approximation of the results obtained by full strength Omega Dyes but to be sure we recommend sending for a fabric swatch shade card (50p per card).

Dyrect Hot Water Dye Pricing

Using Dyrect Hot Water Dyes

This is a wonderful dye range of 14 intermixable colours for all cellulose or vegetable fibres, which also includes viscose and rayon, which are vegetable based. They are simple to use, just requiring the addition of salt then heat to fix the colour.

Just measure the chosen dye and salt, following the instruction sheet, place in a dye bath, heat and enter the wetted fibre/fabric, stir and dye for required time. These can also be used in the microwave, for dyeing small quantities.

Use the plastic/glass container kept specially for dyeing and a microwave roast bag (these dyes don't dye the bag so easily), add the wetted fibre and a small amount of water, add the dye and salt, close the bag. Squeeze the contents to mix together and microwave for 6 minutes.

I prefer two lots of 3 minutes, stirring contents in between goes. The dyes can used in many other ways as described in the instruction leaflet which you'll receive with your first order.