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Miracle Fix Liquid

Example of transfer printing, poppy

Do you love Transfer printing but hate having to do it on shiny, slippery synthetic fabrics? Are you a Patchworker who likes to keep the weight of fabric the same throughout your quilt, but would like to use the Transfer technique on part of it?

Now, by using Miracle Fix Liquid, you can Transfer Print onto any natural fabric. It works especially well on cotton and calico.

Miracle Fix liquid is a thin milky fluid that dries clear and was originally made to improve the handle of cotton fabrics. It was coincidentally discovered that it also altered the surface in a way that allowed full colour Transfer printing to take place. Normally only a poor, pale result was possible on natural fabrics which was always very disappointing. Now the result on natural fabric is every bit as good as it would be on a synthetic surface and the liquid is very clean and easy to use.

Simply soak the fabric to be used in the liquid, in a shallow dish, and wring it out over the dish. Any liquid remaining can be poured back into the bottle. It is important to immerse silk, particularly, in the liquid to prevent a 'water mark' developing, but the liquid can be painted on to wool, for example, which, as it's thick might absorb more fluid than is needed to coat the surface, and be uneconomical. Smooth out the fabric and allow it to dry - it won't take long. Iron the fabric, if you want to, or simply place the image to be transferred over the fabric and iron on as usual. Placing a piece of Baking Parchment over the item to be ironed will protect both the item and the iron.

Example of transfer printing, daisy

Once the image has been transferred the fabric is ready for use, and the image is run-proof and wash resistant. Thin silk is made a little stiffer, and wool a little firmer through this method but it makes very virtually no difference to cottons.

Miracle Fix liquid is only available from Omega Dyes and comes in two sizes: a 60ml trial size and a 250 ml bottle.

Images courtesy of Frances Pickering