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Reactive Plus Dye Crystals

These are cold water fibre reactive, or Procion, type dyes which have the salt bound in to the crystals, making them extremely easy to use. They just need soda to fix them, either as soda ash or washing soda. The 8 vivid colours can be used on silk, cotton, linen, viscose, rayon, and paper.

Manutex can be added to thicken the dye to print or stencil with, etc.

Easy cold water dyeing with a difference. In 8 vivid colours.
For silk, cotton, linen, viscose and paper.
Needs soda to complete dyeing process.

Reactive Plus Dye Crystals Colour Swatches

Yellow SwatchYellow
Red SwatchRed
Pink SwatchPink
Purple SwatchPurple
Turquoise SwatchTurquoise
Blue SwatchBlue
Green SwatchGreen
Dark Grey SwatchDark

Please Note: These colours are an approximation of the results obtained by full strength Omega Dyes but to be sure we recommend sending for a fabric swatch shade card (50p per card).

Reactive Plus Dye Crystals Pricing

Soda Ash Fixative

Manutex Tickener for printing etc

Using Reactive Dyes

These are the cold water range of fibre reactive dye (Procion) which have been mixed with salt which stabilizes them so that they are not so fly away (and therefore not so harmful). They react with the Soda ash when it is added to the compound of dye and salt which then fixes the dye onto the fibre/fabric.

Traditionally the dye bath is made up of water, dye crystals (including salt) and soda ash, add the wetted fibre/fabric, stir and leave for 2 hours stirring occasionally. Once the soda ash is mixed into the dye bath, the bath is only active for up to 3 hours so dyeing should take place immediately. The dye residue cannot be used again without the addition of more soda ash to reactivate it when required.

You can pre-treat your fabrics in a soda ash bath, do not rinse. Place fabric in a tray, make up dye solutions in spray bottles and spray over fabric. Leave for 30 minutes, rinse well and dry.

New Product: 200ml Clear Spray Bottles