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Transfer Dyes

A range of disperse dyes in 8 bright colours, that can be used in a dyebath or by the transfer printing method. These dyes are for synthetic fabrics such as polyester, polycotton, polyester velvet, viscose/wool felt and Vilene. Indalca PA3R can be used to thicken this dye for printing etc. Miracle Fix Liquid, when used with natural fabrics, enables successful transfer printing to take place.

Disperse dye powder dyes for transfer printing, which will also dye some synthetic fabrics in a dyebath, In 8 bright colours.
For polyester, poly/cotton, polyester velvet, viscose/wool felt and vilene.

Transfer Dyes Colour Swatches

Saffron SwatchSaffron
Henna SwatchHenna
Fuchsia SwatchFuchsia
Ruby SwatchRuby
Azure SwatchAzure
Royal SwatchRoyal
Field Green SwatchField
Charcoal SwatchCharcoal

Please Note: These colours are an approximation of the results obtained by full strength Omega Dyes but to be sure we recommend sending for a fabric swatch shade card (50p per card).

Transfer Dyes Pricing

Indalca PA3R Thickener for Printing

Miracle Fix Liquid

Use Miracle Fix and you can Transfer Dye onto natural fabrics. Ideal for Patchworkers!

Using Transfer Dyes

These come in powder form, so are economical to use. They are best used on synthetics like polyester, vylene, viscose & synthetic velvets. If used on natural fabrics, such as wool and cotton, without Miracle Fix liquid, the results are not so good.

Mix approx. 1/2 tsp powder in a small plastic cup by sprinkling onto warm water. Mark your colour pots as they can be difficult to distinguish in liquid form. Don't worry if the colours look murky, the true colour is visible once ironed onto the fabric.

Paint your designs onto lightweight photo copy paper or layout pad, not forgetting that the design will come out as a 'mirror image'.

Let the paper dry - use hair dryer for speed. Place paper, design down, onto your fabric and iron - as hot as the fabric can stand. Move iron about to prevent scorching. To check if the image is transferred, peel off one corner first, carry on ironing, if OK remove paper.

This is now colour fast and can be washed by hand or machine.

There are many other ideas which are on the instruction leaflet which you receive when purchasing the dyes.