Omega Dyes - Mail Order Textile Dyes

Textile Dyes

Omega Dyes have been specially created to be easy to use in the home, studio or classroom. The colours are fully intermixable, within each range, to create a huge variety of other colours, both in the powder form or when mixed into liquid.

There are four types of dye, to colour all varieties of fabrics and fibres and each comes with clear instructions for use. A book, 'Dyeing to Colour' by Bailey Curtis, is also available which gives extra instruction and ideas.

Acid All in One Dye

These dyes come complete with fixative for easy 30 minute dyeing. There are 15 vibrant colours and are ideal for wool, silk, fur, feathers and other animal source fabrics and fibres. They can be used in a pan, shallow tray or microwave.

Dyrect Dyes

Needing only heat and salt, these dyes can be used in a pan, microwave or washing machine. They come in 14 glorious colours and are suitable for all cellulose fabrics such as cotton, linen, viscose, rayon, raffia and paper. They will also colour well-washed wool, e.g. blanket, in the washing machine.

Reactive Plus Dyes

These are cold water fibre reactive, or Procion, type dyes which have the salt bound in to the crystals, making them extremely easy to use. They just need soda to fix them, either as soda ash or washing soda. The 8 vivid colours can be used on silk, cotton, linen, viscose, rayon, and paper.

Manutex can be added to thicken the dye to print or stencil with, etc.

Transfer Dyes

A range of disperse dyes in 8 bright colours, that can be used in a dyebath or by the transfer printing method. These dyes are for synthetic fabrics such as polyester, polycotton, polyester velvet, viscose/wool felt and Vilene. Indalca PA3R can be used to thicken this dye for printing etc. Miracle Fix Liquid, when used with natural fabrics, enables successful transfer printing to take place.