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Omega Textile FAQ

How do I work out how much dye I'll need?
The amount of dye needed is calculated by weighing the fabric (dry) first. For every 100gms weight of fabric you'll need 5gms dye.
Do you have a dye for Acrylic or Lycra?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a dye for Acrylic and Lycra.
Can dark coloured items be dyed with pale colours?
It isn't possible to dye a dark coloured item with a paler coloured dye.
Do I need to be careful when using multiple colours?
Always remember the laws of colour mixing - for example a bright yellow item, dyed with light blue dye will end up green, and with a dark blue dye will end up a greeny blue.
I've stained an item can I hide the stain by dyeing?
If the item you are planning to dye is stained the dye is unlikely to remove it. Sadly, it is likely that the stained area will colour but will still look slightly different from the rest of the item.
Can I dye settee covers?
It is possible to dye pure cotton settee covers with Omega Dyrect Dyes but do remember that it does depend on being able to fit them into your washing machine, with enough room for the fabric to move easily inside the drum.
Are your products safe to use?
Our products are considered no more toxic than household cleaners or washing agents and small amounts, as in household dyeing, are safe for disposal into the main drains.