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Gallery of Textile Dyeing

Hopefully this page will inspire you! Here are some pieces done by my customers - and myself. Don't just sit there - get dyeing!

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Hand-made book by Frances Pickering Purple flowers by Frances Pickering Inspired by the song Daisy Daisy (Frances Pickering) Red-violet flowers by Frances Pickering Scarf by Alison Harper Scarf by Alison Harper
Delia Blackman and Bailey Curtis - Over To You Scarf by Alison Harper Bailey Curtis - River Deep Sandra Kedzlie - Tower Sandra Kedzlie - Bodrun Carpet, detail Annette Morgan - Phorphura Haze, detail
Bailey Curtis - Woolly Rainbow  Sandra Kedzlie - Bodrun Carpet Bailey Curtis - Water Meadow, detail Helen Mastrandrea - Green Silk Torridge Bailey Curtis - Water Meadow High Summer Annette Morgan - Phorphura Haze

About Frances Pickering

Frances Pickering combines her love of stitch with her passion for literature and it involves her interest in textured surfaces, using wax, dyeing and burning. This has resulted in her producing a series of hand-made books crammed with ephemera, sketches, stitch, photographs, poetry and handwriting. With elegantly distressed covers, that emanate antiquity and worth, the end results are, for her, books to be treasured as precious items.

Her love of travel has led to her creating many unique personal records of places, journeys and events. This, combined with her continuing themes of nature and organic form, makes her work varied and exciting.

About Bailey Curtis

Bailey was the founder of Omega Dyes and sold the company to Lindsay in 2003 because writing her books was taking up more and more of her time.

She has always been an enthusiastic felt maker but manages to combine the art with innovative dyeing, embroidery and quilting to create her very personal style. Her love of colour and texture is evident in all her work and she takes her inspiration from her surroundings, whether it's her home near the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire or on her trips abroad.

About Annette Morgan

Annette is a quilt artist who is inspired by colour, movement and innovative materials. Her use of dyed plastics and wire, for example, gives a contemporary twist to the traditional piecing on some of her quilts. She manages to teach as well as create her colourful textiles and has recently co-written the book 'Appliqué and Beyond' with Bailey Curtis and her work is featured in the book: Quilters Guild Collection, Contemporary Quilts, Heritage Inspiration, (published in June 2005).